A Daybreaker in the Duty Faction is a person with the ability to learn anything with a single touch of the source of knowledge.

Dangers of Knowledge AbsorptionEdit

The Duty Faction's abilities directly affect the brain. It was discovered in mid-2013 that absorbing too much data can lead to a "brain reset" - an event where the brain starts removing 'unnecessary' memories or knowledge. This does not come without it's pain, as the first stages involve severe headaches. A patient may be rendered comatose through the second stage of the event, where most of the 'memory removal' occurs.

When the patient finally re-awakes (after an unknown amount of time), they may or may not remember most of what happened to them during their life-time. Much of the information they absorbed will be missing, quite possibly causing distress for the patient.

After the process, the patient may have "flashes" of some memories that may have been merely suppressed. It is possible for a patient to regain their missing memory, but it may take time.

Known MembersEdit