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Gremio De Luca (also known as "Gre"), a Nightcrawler, is currently a member of the Greed Faction.


Greed Tattoo 1

His grey Greed faction tattoo is on his left chest.

Blue/light blue with a red streak in his hair, green eyes which varies within light, has a semi tanned or paled skin.


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Nightcrawler attire

Plain white and blue shirt, dark blue/near black denim jeans.


Much like Vani, Gre has the same past when it came to their friendship. The young boy would constantly visit his friends grave every first of a month. Four times ever November. Each visit was rather tragic as the memories of their time together would flow into his mind.

Well my Spaniard friend... looks like you've won...

Little do the people around him know that when he was a child he was experimented on by his own Parents, thus causing him to have strange abilities. These Abilities will be explained later.

When push comes to shove Gremio will always do his best to protect all that he has. He isn't really aware of the feeling of love, let alone understands what the other person is feeling for him, he seems rather impervious of that fact.


A fun-loving, hyper and happy boy who's attitude towards things can never be shaken! He is constantly trying new things, Even if it ends up semi killing him ._. He is rather a happy-go-lucky person and wouldn't want to ruin things for anyone if it hurt them. So He just goes random and will sing a song he would know or just likes.

Faction, Abilities and SkillsEdit


Can read your thoughts or talk through telepathy, his Greed Faction abilities are upgraded so it takes longer to damage him and a few more that you should find out for yourself.


Cooking, gardening, sketching, and singing. I usually just help Vani with Gardening and I'm not really good at singing depending on the song.


-Gre falls asleep when someone talks about something he doesn't know. He doesn't want to though.

-Gre just loves, to sing this one song.