Ana Lupu's residence, nick-named "Lupu Tower".

Lupu Tower, as it has been dubbed by its owner and currently only resident, is the hideaway and base of operations for Ana Lupu, a former member of the cult known as Mana and aid to the newly-formed Circle. Despite not actually being a tower, it has been stated by Ana that she has called it as such because the top level has a wonderful view, and that "if it requires an elevator, it should be classed as a tower".

Only one area is in technical use before the Daybreakers and Nightcrawlers call it their new home, and that is the top floor. It is often used as Ana's computer lab, library, music store, bedroom, and kitchen, though the latter two are rarely what she uses the area for. Speakers have been hooked up on every floor, proven useful for when Ana gets bored, and are mostly used to play music or messages throughout the entire building. The volume and pause/play features are all controlled by one remote that is wirelessly hooked up to Ana's computer, nicknamed Schlowla, and it is to be noted that, before the Circle is formed, Ana used the extra rooms as "prancing space" and "boredom reliefs", often playing her music on every floor.

Because there are no buildings surrounding it and the apparently nosey neighbours next door had left, the building is left completely alone with no one wanting to wander inside and find out what the people who come and go from there do inside.

Ana has once stated that the tower has expert security systems; however, due to the fact that it only requires a ring of a doorbell and someone's permission to enter, the statement is easily disregarded.