The Mână is an unknown cult. Nothing is currently known about them.

Information and AbilitiesEdit

It is assumed that the group originated in Romania, as their name is is Romainan for "hand", and one of their former members hails from the country. Their signature colour is red, contrasting to the Nightcrawlers' purple and the Daybreakers' black, and they have a currently unknown method of splicing two genes into their followers instead of one. They accomplish this without risk of shorter life expectancy and risk of overusing powers.

It is unknown where they are currently hiding out; however, Ana Lupu, a former member, is more than happy to track them down for the vengeful Daybreakers and vigilant Nightcrawlers. Ana also likens the group to a cult, stating that they mentally scar their members upon initiation.

Significant Events that may involve the MânăEdit

  • Divide, the Daybreakers underground facility, is bombed from the inside by an unknown party.

Known MembersEdit