Pride Tattoo 1

A Pride Faction tattoo.

A Nightcrawler in the Pride Faction is a person with an ability that is associated with shadows. This Faction is currently under the lead of Liza Nightingale.

Known MembersEdit

History of Pride Faction Edit

Being the first to form as a whole group in the Nightcrawlers, the Pride Faction is considered one of the elite groups of the seven Nightcrawler Factions. They first formed when Liza, after stealing supplies from a then-small-time Daybreaker lab, injected herself with the gene deemed "Dark". She'd noticed the changes within a few days and managed to convince a friend of hers to replicate the man-made gene. New members of Pride Faction were given it through their tattoos, and the group soon grew bigger as more power-hungry unfortunates heard of their abilities.

The group is one of the lesser-used Factions when heists and minor mercenary work come up, and are usually reserved to combat any Daybreakers close to unravelling the location of their leader.