Vanille/Vani Lebeau

Vani's looks

A black and red rose on the table... What will you do? Touch it and die. I'de rather you save me the trouble though.


Ebony black long hair flowing until her waist, sometimes in twin ponytails, Crystal blue eyes, and a pale completion. Her blood red Wrath faction is on her left shoulder blade.


First) A red dress until her knees, white knees socks/stockings and red ballet shoes. Hair is down in this attire.
Accessories: Black rose necklace, and belt.
Second) A somewhat school uniform, a black blouse with separated black trimmed with red sleeves a white tie with a ruby like gem as an accessory , black shoes and black and red socks. Hair is in twin pony tails in this attire.
Accessory: Red bracelet/ring
Alternate) A white sleeved shirt with her name imprinted on it as a design, somewhat black pants with cross designs on the back pockets, a white beret, black heeled shoes. Hair is somewhat shoulder length.
Accessories: Black rose necklace, black and red rose bracelets on both wrists/hands.


There isn't much to say about this girl's personality other than she is a cold figure and rather she looks like a doll in her First attire, she usually wears that at during nonchalant days. She'd wear her Alternate when an outing is on the morrow. She is as well rather calm even in situations that would most likely scare any other "15" year old girl.

Likes and DislikesEdit

L) She loves black and blood red roses, wearing a black mask, and likes -even if she won't admit it- the company of her last friend...

D) Bright colors/neon colors, ignorance, having to repeat herself, and annoying people. -I can stand a few...-


She is has a very dark past and rather not talk about why people should call her 'Vani' instead of her full name 'Vanille' or another name others know of. She has very few friends given the fact that she is very cold to most, two young men/boys/whichever (I don't know how to categorize them) are the most annoying for her but she's rather alright with their company.

The two have a bet that whoever can scare Vani wins, and One -her most dearest among the two but never showed it- died and it scared her immensely seeing him die in front of her, her other friend was beside her looking at the drying boy/man. "Looks like...I've won..." he grinned then Vani cried for the first and last time. "You...idiot..." She muttered and hugged him tightly. And his life came to an end.

To this day she still visits his resting place a small tear escaping each time. She really wished he hadn't been struck by death's dagger but... seeing as it's face she accepted part of it.

Faction, Abilities and SkillsEdit

She is skilled with the whip, knife and gun.